The first National FPIES Awareness Day took place on May 4, 2015! This day is dedicated to creating and raising awareness about Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES), a food allergy of the gastrointestinal system for which there is little awareness and no cure. On this day, organizations from across the U.S. will work together with a common focus and message for FPIES and its symptoms.

Awareness ribbon 2017As the result of the International FPIES Association's advocacy efforts, the United States Senate designated May 4th as National FPIES Awareness Day! More than 1,000 supporters joined our national campaign by signing and sharing the I-FPIES petition to make this day official. In addition, families in New Jersey and Pennsylvania shared with Senators Booker and Toomey what National FPIES Awareness Day would mean to them, leading the lawmakers to sponsor and successfully pass Resolution 129 on March 27, 20015.

This webpage is your resource for learning more about the Day, the condition, and how to get involved in spreading the word about FPIES. Check back for updates as we celebrate the 3rd Annual National FPIES Awareness Day on Thursday, May 4, 2017!

Make an Impact
Spread the word about National FPIES Awareness Day! Coming Soon: You can show your support by changing your profile picture or cover photo on social media with our event logo featuring the official FPIES awareness ribbon. On May 4th, we also encourage you to share your story, photos, and words of encouragement on social media by using the hashtags #NationalFPIESDay and #FPIESontheRise. Join the conversation and get the word out!

The International FPIES Association (I-FPIES) has been a leader in raising public awareness about FPIES, not only on May 4th but throughout the year. Our key initiatives have included the passage of a specific ICD-10 code for FPIES, the funding of research to improve our understanding of this condition, educational conferences for parents and caregivers, and the 2017 release of the first official guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of FPIES.

We believe it is important to not only raise awareness for this disease, but to take action to improve the lives of FPIES patients and families. On May 4th, I-FPIES encourages our supporters to donate $40 or any multiple of "4" in honor of a newly-diagnosed FPIES patient, someone currently living with FPIES, or someone who is fortunate to have outgrown FPIES. Donate now to create a better tomorrow for those living with FPIES.

Why An Official Day Matters
FPIES affects infants and young children, causing them to have significant dietary restrictions with little to no treatment. Recent prevalence studies shows an increase in the number of patients diagnosed with FPIES, which highlights the needs for awareness of the disorder on behalf of the patients affected. According to recent studies, 0.04% of children live with FPIES.

It is likely that a majority of individuals with FPIES receive a delayed diagnosis, are misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. Therefore, they are not receiving the valuable programs and services that can help them and the specialized medical care that is often needed.

National FPIES Awareness Day is a critical part of the effort to generate awareness about FPIES and raise funding for the research, education, and advocacy initiatives of the International FPIES Association. Thank you for joining us in recognizing the 3rd National FPIES Awareness Day on May 4, 2017!

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