It is helpful to familiarize yourself with your school staff and members of the Regular Education 504 Team. Each officer has a different role, and identifying the roles of the team helps to address any questions or concerns you may have.

504 Coordinator: The 504 Coordinator will be the first

Important Note: Special Education is not responsible for carrying out 504 accommodations. 504 accommodations are the responsibility of the Regular Education Team. Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are carried out by Special Education and are not often implemented for medical conditions.

person you should contact to request and initiate the 504 procedure. It is important that the Coordinator be contacted well in advance of the school year to allow for sufficient time to develop a solid and cohesive plan. Often times, the Coordinator at your school may also be the Special Education Coordinator. The Coordinator is responsible for initiating the first steps within the 504 planning process.

504 Compliance Officer: Often times the school principal, the 504 Compliance Officer is responsible for addressing any obstacles or breaches in compliance of the designated 504 accommodations. This individual must possess direct contact and legal authority to access the classroom and school staff on a daily basis. It is his/her job to address the compliance of the 504 plan and ensure its implementation.

School Nurse: The School Nurse is responsible for training staff, implementing emergency action plans, determining the need for emergent intervention, and promoting awareness and education of all medical aspects of care. The School Nurse writes the 504 Plan and ensures that all medical documentation and action plans are in place.

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