The International FPIES Association (I-FPIES) is changing the course of FPIES, and your support is making the difference! Looking for some fundraising inspiration? See how our amazing supporters have had fun and gotten creative to raise money for I-FPIES:

Walk for Weah
Amount Raised: Nearly $4,000
The FPIES community in Michigan showed their teal and grey pride as they walked for "Weah" and all children with FPIES, raising funds specifically for FPIES research! Learn more about this event and the fundraising process in our Fundraiser Spotlight.

Team FPIES Puts FPIES on the Run
Amount Raised: $9,000
Team FPIES and the Reff family took great strides to raise FPIES awareness and support our initiatives by participating in the Berkeley Heights 5K over two consecutive years. To see a great example of online fundraising, visit the Team FPIES site on Crowdrise.

T-Shirt Fundraiser to Wear Our Support
Amount Raised: $1,700
We couldn't help but be inspired by 12-year-old Natalie's effort to support her brother Sean and all kids living with FPIES. Natalie created and sold these wonderful t-shirts to help raise FPIES awareness and assist I-FPIES in making a difference. Natalie sold 130 shirts and showed us that siblings can be a huge part of the FPIES movement!

Fight for FPIES
Amount Raised: $10,000
This Martial Arts Event & Gala Dinner raised nearly $10,000 for I-FPIES! The Karate Dojo in Jackson, NJ hosted a day of seminars, kick-a-thons and zumba, while evening festivities featured dinner, dancing, and a gift auction.

Silent Art Auction
Amount Raised: $1,300
Three creative FPIES moms banded together to organize a Silent Art Auction fundraiser that raised more than $1,300 to benefit I-FPIES! Generous artisans, friends and families joined forces to turn art into action and increased awareness of FPIES.

A First Birthday Celebration
Amount Raised: $2,500
As friends and family gathered to celebrate Sean's 1st birthday, they also spread the word about FPIES and raised $2,500 in donations for I-FPIES. This amazing birthday gift will keep on giving and impact those living with FPIES!


Ready to Create Your Own Success Story?
Taking on a fundraising challenge is an empowering feeling. To learn more about contributing to our mission through fundraising, get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. With these funds, I-FPIES will continue to make great things happen in our FPIES community. We're grateful to all the incredible families and supporters who have joined the fundraising effort!

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