10 Simple Fundraising Ideas to Fight FPIES

Did you know you can help the International FPIES Association (I-FPIES) continue to advance this condition and support FPIES patients and families throughout the year? We have 10 easy, creative ways to fundraise for I-FPIES and make an impact:

1. LET THE PIES FLY FOR FPIES: Invite friends, family members, and co-workers to join you in a “Pie in the Face for FPIES” event. Participants make a donation to deliver a pie in the face to the person of their choosing. Get 20 participants to donate $25 each, and you’ve just raised $500!

For a crowd, use shaving cream or whipped cream in a pie tin instead of buying or baking pies. FPIES families can get creative with their pies, using everything from cotton balls to pureed versions of their children’s safe foods!

2. ONLINE FUNDRAISING: Sign up online and raise money the easy way at crowdfunding sites like CrowdRise.com. Once you register, it’s easy to share on all your social media sites to ask friends and family to contribute. Make sure to personalize your page, share your story, and let others know why raising funds is so important to you!

3. DIME-A-HUNDRED: Place an empty 16oz water bottle on your desk or at the front desk of your office and ask your coworker to empty their pockets of dimes and drop them in. One full bottle of dimes is equivalent to $100! Decorate the bottle with the picture/story of your FPIES hero.

4. GARAGE SALE: Now is the perfect time for spring cleaning! Holding a garage sale to clean you’re your closets and bring in much-needed funds. Create a sign to let everyone know all money raised is being donated to the International FPIES Association and be sure

to include a photo of your FPIES hero.

5. MATCHING GIFTS: Ask your human resources or personnel department if your employer matches funds. If so, get the form and fill it out-–your donations could be doubled or more!

6. DIFFERENT KIND OF BAKE SALE: Hold a “bake sale” that features only your child’s safe foods, with all proceeds going to I-FPIES. It can send a powerful message about the challenges of a limited diet.

7. THONS! Cut-a-thon (hair salon), Mow-a-thon, Car-Wash-a-thon. You name it! Create a fun sign that attracts attention and ask for donations in lieu of payment.

8. 10 DAYS OF $10: For 10 days, ask one person each day for a $10. At the end of the 10 days, you will have raised $100!

9. CANDY JANE: Dum Dum Lollipops are a favorite of many FPIES families. Get creative with a fun way to display the lollipops (bouquet, treasure chest, etc.) and tell your story. Ask coworkers and neighbors to exchange a donation for a treat.

10. BEST/WORST TIE for FPIES: For the cost of a donation, coworkers can enter a best or worst tie competition to raise funds for I-FPIES. Offer a prize and have the entire office vote at lunchtime. For extra fun, turn it into a small fashion show.

These are just a few small ways YOU can make a big difference in the fight against FPIES.

Thank you for supporting the International FPIES Association and patients and families living with FPIES.

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