Let’s Raise Feeding Tube Awareness!

Love a tubie? Deciding whether tube feeding could be right for your FPIES child? This week, we’re honoring Feeding Tube Awareness Week®–a time to promote the positive benefits of tube feeding as a medical intervention that saves and enhances lives! The theme of the week in 2017 is “Fueling Life” because feeding tubes make it possible for those unable to eat or drink enough on their own to get the nutrition and hydration they need for life.

The International FPIES Association (I-FPIES) is proud to be among the organizations participating in and supporting Feeding Tube Awareness Week®. The Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation is spreading the word about the life-changing impact of nutritional support. This week is also dedicated to raising awareness in the general public about the medical reasons children are tube fed, the day-to-day life of a tube-fed child, and connecting families in the tube-feeding community.

Below are some valuable links to mark Feeding Tube Awareness Week®:

The decision to tube feed can be a difficult one. This article from the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation talks about making the choice, while this link provides a helpful overview about tube feeding. The Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation also provides this list of essential tube feeding resources for parents and caregivers to help in a child’s care.

If you love a tubie, we encourage you to raise awareness by changing your profile picture on social media to the image on the right. This week is also a great time to share your story and experience with tube feeding. Let’s get the word out!

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