I-FPIES Marks 4th Annual National FPIES Awareness Day

Thanks to everyone who has made this 4th National FPIES Awareness Day a HUGE success! The International FPIES Association (I-FPIES) is grateful for every member of the FPIES community who offered a personal glimpse of the FPIES journey, who shared resources to increase awareness and education, who generously supported the work we do, and much more. Together, we reached nearly 100,000 people and put a spotlight on this poorly understood condition.

The answers are coming — and we need your help to get there! National FPIES Awareness Day is the perfect time to make a donation to I-FPIES, a volunteer-run organization that has been supporting FPIES families for the past 7 years. 100% of every dollar raised will go to projects that are improving the lives of FPIES patients and families, including an exciting multi-center research study into the genetics and pathophysiology of FPIES. Together, we can fight FPIES and unlock its mysteries.

A million thank yous for showing the strength, unity and hope of our FPIES community!


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