New Research Survey: Quality of Life and FPIES

If you’re the parent of a child who has FPIES (or who has recently outgrown it), IFPIES has an exciting opportunity to participate in FPIES research! Visit this link to take part in this survey on quality of life that will have an immediate impact on our understanding of FPIES and its burden on patients and caregivers.

Researchers want to learn more about the way you interpret the quality of life for you and your child with FPIES. This group has developed a questionnaire that is similar to the study conducted at our FPIES Education Conference last August.

Please note that the survey data are collected anonymously—-your personal information won’t be linked to your responses. The data will be presented together with the data collected at the FPIES Education Conference by the team from the University of Rochester, NY and Harvard University.

We appreciate your help with this important and exciting project to better understand the burden of FPIES on patients and families!


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