5 Easy Things You Can Do to Support National FPIES Awareness Day on May 4th!

Our 5th Annual National FPIES Awareness Day is Saturday, May 4th! Here are a few simple ways you can make an impact and raise the level of education and awareness about FPIES:

1. Color It Up!

Print our awareness day coloring pages and upload a photo of your child with their colorful creation to help increase FPIES awareness! Use the hashtags #FPIESawareness and #NationalFPIESDAY and tag us on Facebook at @FPIESorg or Instagram at @IFPIES.

2. Educate Yourself and Others

Take some time to read up on the symptoms of Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome, and choose three facts to share with your Facebook friends by posting them as a status update on May 4th. You can also download and share our educational graphics debunking common FPIES myths:

Myth #1: “It’s Just the Stomach Flu”

Myth #2: “It’s Impossible to Be Allergic to Rice”

Myth #3: “Only Young Children Get FPIES”

Myth #4: “FPIES Is a Rare Disease”

Myth #5: “FPIES Is Easy to Manage”

3. Go Teal and Gray

Wear teal and gray on Saturday, May 4th, the official colors of the FPIES awareness ribbon. Or paint your nails teal and gray. The FPIES ribbon is a twist on the solid teal Food Allergy Awareness Ribbon, with a touch of gray to symbolize how much is unknown about this “other” form of food allergy.

Share your teal and gray pride along with your FPIES story on social media to raise awareness. Be sure to use the hashtags #FPIESawareness and #NationalFPIESDAY and tag us on Facebook at @FPIESorg or Instagram at @IFPIES.

4. Spread Awareness

Add the National FPIES Awareness Day frame to your Facebook profile photo! Just follow this link and use the “search” box and type in FPIES to find the 2019 National FPIES Awareness Day frame: https://www.facebook.com/profilepicframes.

5.  Unlock the Answers

Donate now to the International FPIES Association (I-FPIES) and ask others to join you. Generosity helps fund our research, education, awareness and advocacy initiatives throughout the year!

>>>> Start a Facebook fundraiser for National FPIES Awareness Day in three easy steps!

  1. Set your fundraising goal
  2. Tell your story
  3. Share your fundraiser

Thank YOU for making National FPIES Awareness Day a powerful, effective platform for spreading the word about FPIES! Your voice matters and your support impacts the lives of patients with FPIES and their families.

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