It’s National FPIES Awareness Day!

Today is our 5th Annual National FPIES Awareness Day! This day is dedicated to creating and raising awareness about Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES). Show your support today, and follow these easy steps to join the movement:

ü Go Teal and Gray: Wear teal and gray, the colors of the FPIES awareness ribbon

ü Educate Yourself and Others: Download and share our educational graphics debunking common FPIES myths

ü Color It Up: Our coloring sheets are a fun way for your child to help increase FPIES awareness

ü Learn the Latest: Find out what’s new in FPIES from our Founder Fallon Matney

ü Help Us Unlock the Answers: Make a donation or start a Facebook fundraiser for National FPIES Awareness Day 

Thank YOU for making an impact on National FPIES Awareness Day!

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