Open Access: EAACI’s Pediatric Allergy & Asthma Meeting

You can now find all posters, webcasts and presentations from EAACI’s Pediatric Allergy & Asthma Meeting on the EAACI Media Library! We’ve linked all the FPIES-related posters and presentations from  #PAAM2019, held this past October in Florence.  

Please note that the EAACI Media Library content is free and open access but does require you to register/login to access all media. EAACI will not share your personal data with third parties.

The meeting included our special symposium on the FPIES guidelines. This symposium was jointly organized by the International FPIES Association and the European Academy of Allergy & Clinical Immunology. Click on the links below to view webcasts of the following topics/speakers:

Pathogenesis of FPIES • Antonella Cianferoni
What is missing in the diagnostic pathway? • Anna Nowak-Wegzryn
Elimination diet • Jean-Christoph Caubet (webcast not available)
The patient’s burden • Fallon Schultz Matney

Other FPIES-Related Webcasts/Presentations

Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES): How to manage in the clinic. Sonsoles Infante.

Food re-exposure at home in acute FPIES. Marta Vazquez Ortiz.

FPIES-Related Abstracts

One in 8 children with negative follow-up food challenges for acute FPIES react on food re-exposure at home. Marta Vázquez-Ortiz, Simona Barni, Laura Argiz, Stefania Arasi, Sonsoles Infante, Carmen C Riggioni, Ana M Plaza, Luis Echeverria, Emilio Garcia, Federico Martinon-Torres.

Psychosocial and Neurodevelopmental Aspects of FPIES: Systematic Review and Proposed Future Research. Catherine Peterson.

Food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome in 113 Swedish children – a retrospective study. Josefin Ullberg, Mareike Fech-Bormann, Ulrika Lorentzon Fagerberg.

Food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome in a cohort of spanish children. Teresa Toral, Nuria Marco, Belén García-Avilés, Luis Moral.

Food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome to rice: A report of 9 cases. Soultana Kolyva, Georgia – Eleana Koliofoti, Theodoros Kanellopoulos, Maria Trigka.

FPIES-Related E-Posters

Food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome: Lessons from a pediatric US population. Blackman A. C., Anvari S., Anagnostou A.

Food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES): A french cohort of 68 patients. Colas A., Challier P., Pauliat-Desbordes S., Dubern B., Mamann N., Lemale J., Tounian P., Lemoine A.

A case of food-protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES) with japanese clams and the lymphocyte proliferative response (LPR) with clam scratch test solution. Kuzume K. , Yagi Y.

Food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome A Portuguese multicenter study. Santos P. R. , Quaresma M. , Lemos S. , Pedrosa C. , Silva A. , Oliveira J. G. , Carvalho F. , Rebelo F. , Bento M. L. , Ribeiro L.

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