National FPIES Awareness Day
As the result of the International FPIES Association’s advocacy efforts, the United States Senate designated May 4th as National FPIES Awareness Day! This day is dedicated to creating and raising awareness about FPIES, a food allergy of the gastrointestinal system for which there is little awareness and no cure. On this day, organizations from across the U.S. will work together with a common focus and message to spread the word about FPIES and its symptoms.

ICD-10-CM Code Passage and Implementation
As of October 2016, FPIES has an official diagnosis code: K52.21! Securing the ICD-10 code was an ambitious, years-long initiative for our organization. Click here to read more about this effort and the implications for our FPIES community.

1st International Consensus Guidelines for FPIES

Elemental Formula Coverage:
I-FPIES is an official partner of the Children’s Milk Allergy and Gastrointestinal Coalition (MAGIC) and the Children’s Medical Nutrition Alliance (CMNuA).

The Children’s Milk Allergy and Gastrointestinal Coalition (MAGIC) was formed to promote reimbursement for amino acid–based elemental formulas (such as Neocate® and EleCare™) for children who are unable to consume normal foods due to allergies, disease, or other conditions. The coalition is lobbying states to mandate coverage for elemental formulas regardless of delivery method, and for use in testing when required by a medical professional. This includes requiring private insurance companies to provide reimbursement for formulas when they are needed for proper nutrition and recommended by a doctor.

The coalition’s mission is to support current reimbursement lobbying efforts where they exist and to create opportunities for coverage in new states. To learn more about these efforts, please visit:

The Children’s Medical Nutrition Alliance is building a national coalition of parents, healthcare providers, advocacy groups and corporations to improve lives, expand access to medical foods and create a future in which EVERY PATIENT has timely, effective, reliable and affordable access to the medical foods, medical professionals and facilities, communities and the financial support that they and their families need to live and thrive, regardless of insurance coverage, geographic location, age, economic or social standing.

Learn more about CMNuA’s efforts and how you can get involved here:

States with Elemental Formula Coverage: