DO ONE THING: Notes from FABlogCon

Featured blogger Kaylee Page shares her perspective on life with FPIES in an ongoing series. I’m here at FABlogCon. It’s a conference for food allergy bloggers. But it’s so much more. There are bloggers, speakers, authors and medical experts. There are people working real hard to bring innovation to the allergy world. Like gluten test … Continue reading DO ONE THING: Notes from FABlogCon

Sharing Gratitude and Awareness

In this guest post to mark National FPIES Awareness Day, Christine Hayes Quigley shares her family’s special journey to thank those who helped make this day possible. One year after Senate Resolution 129 passed, declaring May 4 as National FPIES Awareness Day, our family had the opportunity to visit the office of Senator Booker (D-NJ) … Continue reading Sharing Gratitude and Awareness