A request can be initiated by parents or legal guardians, teachers or other licensed school employees.


HELPFUL TIP: Often times, your school and its 504 team will have a 504 template in place. It is important to request that your child’s physician provide a Medical Action Plan, Food Allergy Management Plan, and any recommendations and accommodations prior to your initial meeting. This will allow for a smoother process and help support open communication among 504 team members and your family. You may also consider signing a release for your physician to become a more integrated part of this team and to be contacted with any educational questions/emergencies.

  1. Each school district may have different steps, so it is important to first contact the school the child is attending to initiate the 504 request and obtain the necessary paperwork.
  2. For elementary and secondary school levels, determining whether a child is a qualified disabled student must begin with an evaluation process.
  3. School districts must establish standards and procedures for initial evaluations and periodic re-evaluations.
  4. An evaluation team, generally consisting of teachers and specialists (possibly including special education personnel, parents and the child), will meet and evaluate all the information and determine if the child qualifies for protection under Section 504.
  5. You may be asked to provide specific medical information and physician recommendations to help aid in the determination.

Once the child is determined to be eligible, a 504 accommodation plan will be created. The final modifications and accommodations will be individualized, according to the specific state regulations.